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  MOP Rover
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The Marie Curie Configuration of the M.O.P is a small tethered Rover with all power and data being supplied by long (120cm) electric cables connected to an external LEGO® RCX.

The M.O.P has a low gear ratio (72:1 - about 1.3cm/sec) for steady control and movement, large wide wheels for grip and traction, and a high ground clearance to avoid most obstacles. The M.O.P also has a zero turning circle (It can turn 360º within its own footprint). It carries a tethered LEGO® Studio Camera within its payload bay which is pointed forward to give the operator a clear, wide view the oncoming terrain.

    MOP Rover

Build It Yourself!While meeting the design requirements of the Red Rover Goes To Mars – Build A Better Rover competition the M.O.P Rover allows for customization and re-configuration of many common Rover Sub-systems while still retaining a common chassis and operational footprint. It is possible to modify the Mechanical and Mobility, Telecommunications, Control and Navigation, Payload, and Manipulation subsystems all within the common chassis design – A true work horse for any budding planetary explorer. Build it now and start exploring!

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 M.O.P MarieCurie
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