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Master Builders CertificateEver since my first LEGO® model, a red double-decker bus, if I remember correctly, LEGO® has kept me coming back for more.

More than just a toy, I find the LEGO® system infinitely configurable and seemingly without limits. Its universal geometry and modular nature never fails to amaze me - all the parts, no matter what their origin, Space, Technic, Mindstorms, just fit together.

More than just bricks, LEGO® Mindstorms expands the potential of traditional LEGO® Bricks by making them truly interactive. No more pretending to be the engine of your Technic car (yes, the original 8860) as you drive under the coffee table, now it can do it for its self, turn around and come back out without hitting anything.

More than just fun, I believe the LEGO® system promotes investigation and imagination. LEGO® can do and be anything. From walking robots to model dinosaurs LEGO® is what ever you want it to be.

Having played with LEGO® during the 1980’s - the ‘classic’ period, according to space historians - my interest in LEGO® has once again returned. Whether or not I am a true ‘renaissance man’ returning from the dark ages remains to be seen, but the same imagination and investigative process drive the creation of these new models as it did when I was younger.

In my professional life I manage a successful Graphic Design consultancy specializing in the development of Museum and Exhibition graphics for the public and private sector. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, with my wife, who continually provides support and encouragement towards my LEGO® creations – “Ooooh, that looks great, but can it be in red!”


Seen one of these lately?

BrickVista is a way of looking at things. A way of describing things through LEGO® . Whether it be a design for a imaginary moon base, adding machine or operational crane, LEGO® provides a common framework, or system, from which all creations can be made and understood.

BrickVista’s aim is to present the results of inquiry – scientific, technological, creative, and artistic - in a manner which makes it understandable and accessible to those wishing to further their understanding of the world around them.Hey, a picture of me!

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