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M.O.P Marie CurieM.O.P Marie Curie
The Modular Ordinance Platform (M.O.P) is a general purpose Rover chassis which is capable of supporting many different operational configurations and mission requirements. The Marie Curie Configuration of the M.O.P is a small tethered Rover with all power and data being supplied by long (120cm) electric cables connected to an external LEGO® RCX.

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YogiCub RoverYogiCub Rover
YogiCub is the first installment in an ongoing study of NASA Rover technology. The YogiCub Rover is a simple design, focusing on drive and steering systems only. It is powered by an on-board LEGO® Mindstorms RXC 2.0. YogiCub has four independently powered wheels, which are all capable of pivoting to provide steering and drive.

Learn more about YogiCub.

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The Cyclo Rover is a fast autonomous Rover used for light construction, and general maintenance duties. It has a single grabber used for manipulation tasks and a range of 250 km. It is powered by an internal rechargeable hydrogen fuel cell.

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MLCad File Cyclo | .ldr | 2kb




Luna RoverHarvester
The Harvester Rover is used in Mars Habitat’s where large scale biospheres and arboretum’s are present. It has a number of built in routines which allow it to perform daily hortirical maintenance and tendering. The Harvester Rover can also control up to 4 mobile slave units for autonomous collection and waste disposal.

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MLCad File Harvester | .ldr | 14kb




Luna RoverLuna Rover
The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was an electric vehicle designed to operate in the low-gravity vacuum of the Moon. The "Moon Buggy" was designed to fold up inside the tight confines of the Lunar Module and, was able to travel 50 km across the Moon's cratered terrain and carry more than its own weight in moon rocks and passengers.

Model Download
MLCad File LunaRover | .ldr | 5kb




Blue RoverBlue Rover
The 'Blue Rover' was the first 3-Segment Rover designed by NASA.Its design is based off a '3-Segment' chassis which enables it to traverse uneven terrain while having all wheels wheels in contact with the ground.

Model Download
MLCad File BlueRover | .ldr | 5kb




Robbie RoverRobbie Rover
Robbie is a remote controlled Rover that has a single grabbing arm used to pickup objects. Its design is based off a '3-Segment' chassis which enables it to traverse uneven terrain while having all wheels wheels in contact with the ground.

Model Download
MLCad File Robbie | .ldr | 9kb




SojournerSojourner Rover
Sojourner traveled to Mars aboard the Mars Pathfinder Mission in 1997. Sojourner’s function was to, explore the terrain of Mars within sight of the Pathfinder Lander, conducting atmospheric, geographic, and scientific experiments.

Model Download
MLCad File Sojourner | .ldr | 1kb




Mars Exploration RoverMars Exploration Rover
The Mars Exploration Rover (MER) is a robotic geologist, equipped with a robot arm, a drill, three spectrometers and four pairs of cameras, which allows it to have a human-like, 3D view of surrounding terrain.

Model Download
MLCad File MER | .ldr | 5kb




The 'next generation' of Mars Rover. Able to travel as far as 250 meters in one day to act as Mars scientists' eyes and hands, exploring an environment where humans can't yet go.

Model Download
MLCad File MERII | .ldr | 2kb



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