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   YogiCub  M.O.P Rover
    Systems Control

YogiCub is a four wheeled exploration Rover with independently powered hubs and Corner steering – Just like the real thing, only made of LEGO® . YogiCub does not implement any form of suspension, have any form of navigational positioning or analysis, nor does it carry any scientific payload - It's just a Cub after all. Primarily this Rover is a ‘proof of concept’ and initiates my investigation into building LEGO® Rovers.


Size H W D  
Studs 34 30 21  
mm 263 238 164  
in 10.34 9.38 6.47  
Mass 1.25 kg
Chassis Linear H Type
Wheels 4x Pivoting powered wheel assemblies
Motors 6x LEGO® 9V Geared motors (4x wheels, 2x Internal)
Suspension -
Communications LEGO® Mindstorms RCX 2.0
Power and Control LEGO® Mindstorms RCX 2.0
RXC Firmware LEGO® Firmware
Programs Compiled through LEGO® Mindstorms 2.0
Navigation Sensors 1x Internal rotation sensor
Power 6x AA Batteries (RCX internal)
Scientific Payload -
Top Speed (Estimated) 0.315 m/sec (18.893m/min)
Top Speed (Actual) 0.260 m/sec (15.600m/min)
One-Day Range Must stay in visual contact with the IR tower
Operational Duration

Realistic operational use of about 1 hour
(Limited by battery life in RCX)


YogiCub Top  
YogiCub Side YogiCub Front
  YogiCub Bottom
Download Code

YogiCub in a single MLCad file ready for rendering or building.

MLCad YogiCub

MLCad File YogiCub
| .mpd | 56kb

Download Code

Take a look at YogiCub in 3D! Check it out.

Macintosh QTVR YogiCub360
| .obj | 1mb

Macintosh YogiCub360
| .mov | 3.2mb

Windows YogiCub360
| .wmv | 2.5mb

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