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  M.O.P Rover

Originally Developed for The 2nd Build A Better Rover competition, the aim of the M.O.P concept was to develop a workable testing platform using LEGO® and the LEGO Mindstorms® building systems. The M.O.P rovers presented here are the result of this ongoing study of LEGO Rovers, along with supportive notes, technical descriptions and related links.

    M.O.P Rover

Along with the physical Rover design and implementation, control software was developed which allows you to operate and monitor the M.O.P Rover remotely via PC. The Journeyman control interface provides the user with real-time visual feedback of operational conditions, Rover Status, and movement control. The Journeyman Interface allows the user to control and collect data from the onboard Rover systems, sensors and manipulators.

Depending on the physical and control software configuration, the M.O.P rover can be used for exploration missions; construction tasks, and even partakes in a quick game of soccer (during lunch of course). Try doing all of that with a single set of wheels – let’s find out how the M.O.P does it!


M.O.P. Rover Sub-Systems    
Mechanical, Thermal, and Mobility    
Physical Configuration   Chassis Composition
Mobility / Suspension Design   Motors, Drive, Steering and suspension
Mechanisms and Assemblies   Wheels and Casters
Support structures   Electronics and Payloads
Communication Medium   Tethered or Remote
Control and Navigation    
Power and Control Electronics   RCX
Navigation Sensors   Touch / Hazard / Vision Sensors
Rover Control Workstation   Journeyman Control Interface
Batteries   RCX
Scientific Tools   Sensor Payloads
Manipulation Systems    
inbuilt   Grabbers
Field Trials    
Build Specifications   Imperical Description
Performance   Analysis
Conclusion   Evaluation and Future Scope

Mega Giant Robots

Created by James Isom, the Mega Giant Robots website is a goldmine of robotic information. James and his FLL Team – The Screaming Meteors, have created two Universal Rover Platforms for the budding builder.

Romeo Rover

Romeo Rover
Roamy is a simple rover chassis designed to be a flexible beginner's platform. Check out its building Instructions here

Tharisis Rover

Tharisis Rover
Is the Screaming Meteors’s FLL Mission Mars entry.

Follow the team here, and check out the Tharisis Rover Building Instructions here.

  Tethered Rovers
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