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   YogiCub  M.O.P Rover
    MTM - Mobility / Syspension Design

Regardless of mission specific configuration each M.O.P chassis has common fixing points which are used to mount drive motors, position navigation Sensors and fasten payloads into the Rover.

The Chassis can accommodate on-board processing and power supply via a chassis mounted RCX. In situations where power, or additional data processing is required an umbilical cable can be mounted to the top of the chassis. All data and power is routed through the umbilical to the Rover. The umbilical is typically used in situations where intensive data processing is required (beyond the RCX’s capacity) such as image processing and navigational computation.

There are fastening mounts for collision sensors (touch) on all four corners of the chassis. Each can be configured to allow for various sensor types and configurations.


    Motor Mounting Points


    Drive Motors mounted at the rear of the chassis (Yellow Zone) have a common mounting position which allows for variation within the Drive assembly (Red Zone) without having to re-position the motors.
The chassis has many Payload mounting configurations available due to the large open construction of the front section (Blue Zone). All types of sensors can be mounted within this bay depending on mission and performance requirements


The M.O.P. Chassis can accommodate on-Board processing (via the RCX) or remote processing via a tethered umbilical


Both front and rear Touch sensor mounts are configurable


Front fixing points allow for a variety of Payload configurations.


Drive Motors have a common fixing point on all chassis

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