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   YogiCub  M.O.P Rover
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Mechanical sub-system proof of concept Rover
YogiCub is the first installment in an ongoing study of NASA Rover technology. The aim of building YogiCub was to design and implement a LEGO® mechanical subsystem like those found on a NASA Rover. Primarily this centers on the design of the assemblies that drive and steer the wheels.

Unlike automobiles, NASA Rover’s have an electric motor for each wheel that provides drive. Rover’s steer by pivoting all four-corner wheels. This means they are all wheel drive, multi-wheel steering, and rather unique. – Hence the challenge to build one using LEGO® .



YogiCub is a simple Rover, focusing on drive and steering systems only. It is powered by an on-board LEGO® Mindstorms RXC 2.0. The RCX is loaded with programs that take YogiCub through a series of simple pre-defined driving sequences that test drive and steering capabilities. YogiCub has four independently powered wheels, which are all capable of pivoting to provide steering.

Lets learn more about YogiCub!


Wheel Assemblies
Drive and Motivation
Systems Control
Drive and Steering
Results & Conclusions
Build Specification
Field Trials

The rock affectionately called "Yogi"

Yep, it looks like a rock.
This is a composite image taken by Sojourner’s cameras of the bottom portion of the rock affectionately called "Yogi".

Close up of Yogi

This image was taken on the afternoon of Sol 4. The rover was about 0.5 meters away from Yogi when the image was taken. Numerous features on the rock and the soil are clearly visible.

Looking back at Yogi

Looking back at Yogi (The big balancing rock) taken by Sojourner’s rear camera.
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