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Robbie the RoverWelcome to BrickVista .It’s finally here! After 4 months in development, and what started out as a ‘couple of pages’, BrickVista is launched.

BrickVista is a collection of ideas, images, and a showcase of my LEGO® creations.

All of my LEGO® creations use existing technology and scientific knowledge as their starting point. For many of the models, research, imagination, and inquiry drive the building process, others just tend to happen, an informed creative response to a unique challenge. This web site serves to document the research and building process so that others may share and gain knowledge not otherwise available to them.


BrickVista is a way of looking at things. A way of describing things through LEGO® . Whether it be a design for a imaginary moon base, adding machine or operational crane, LEGO® provides a common framework, or system, from which all creations can be made and understood.

BrickVista’s aim is to present the results of inquiry – scientific, technological, creative, and artistic - in a manner which makes it understandable and accessible to those wishing to further their understanding of the world around them.


This site will continue to grow over the coming months, with additional features and models coming on line so come back often and take a look around. I hope you enjoy BrickVista as much as I have in putting it together. Such effort inventively stems from my creative desire to understand a little more about how things work, and the effect this has towards the world in which we all share.

So remember to BrickVista and invent the future!


BrickVista - Invent the Future



YogiCub Rover Released.

YogiCub is a LEGO® Rover powered by a Mindstorms 2.0 RCX. YogiCub implements the same engineering principals as used by NASA in their Mars Exploration Rover program.
Learn more about the YogiCub Rover


BrickVista TechNotes

Technology enables us to answer our scientific questions. Without the continual development of new technologies, our thirst for knowledge will go unfulfilled. Technotes highlights the enabling technology we use to drive scientific investigation.
Visit TechNotes


The History of NASA Rover Development

NASA have been developing Exploration Rovers for the past thirty years. Take a step back in time to learn about the first Rovers used on the Moon, to the latest robotic explorers on their way to Mars.
Learn more about NASA Rovers


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