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   Rover Wheels
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While LEGO® ’s official range of Wheels fits most ‘Earth’ applications, the unique requirement of Rover wheels doesn’t leave us with many LEGO® options. My aim was to develop a range of interchangeable Rover wheels, implemented in LEGO® which could be used on my Yogi series of Rovers. From this investigation into wheel construction, performance requirements, and ‘playability’, came this series of 11 Rover Wheels.

Each wheel type has its own unique construction, application, and all can be personalized with individual tread and cleat designs. These wheels represent starting points from which specific wheels can be developed. Enjoy.


LEGO® wheel and tyre combos are for the most part ‘Earth centric’, in that each wheel is comprised of a matching hub and tyre – just like your family car. Most LEGO® Technic wheels have a diameter ranging between 30mm and 80mm (with a few notable exceptions sitting outside each extreme).These Rover wheels have an average diameter of 120mm with larger diameters available.


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MLCad File LunaExplorer
| .ldr | 13kb


Luna Explorer
Ideal for that last minute Luna saunter, the Luna Explorer wheel has large open tread with a deep bite – great for climbing crater walls. Built over a solid wheel core these wheels are super wide and have great lateral strength. Now you can really find out what it’s like on the Dark side.


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MLCad File ArcticReachI
| .ldr | 38kb


Arctic Reach I
Designed specifically for snow and soft surfaces this wheel offers a large, wide footprint. Specially designed cleats provide lateral wheel stability while stationary, yet enable you to carve it up on the slopes when a crowd is around. With 6 point fastening per spoke layer, even the heaviest of Rover will not stretch these babies.


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MLCad File ArcticReachII
| .ldr | 34kb


Arctic Reach II
A true snow boot. Arctic Reach II is light (reduced 4 point spoke fastening) wheel designed for hard, low resistance icy terrain. With a smooth tread pattern to reduce point loading, straight line cursing is the order of the day.


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MLCad File SafariSprintI
| .ldr | 28kb


Safari Sprint I
A wheel designed for rough rocky terrain. Linear cleats provide for aggressive grip while the thin wheel width (4-stud wide) reduces overall resistance. Built over a solid core this wheel is a great outdoor all rounder.


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MLCad File SafariSprintII
| .ldr | 23kb


Safari Sprint II
Need a wheel that’s light, sturdy, doesn’t slow you down? The Safari Sprint II has a 6 point spoke design with light, low resistant cleats. Good on and off road.


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MLCad File Rocky'sRevengeI
| .ldr | 22kb


Rocky's Revenge I
The wheel that started it all, Rocky’s Revenge is the ‘classic’ rover wheel. Built over a solid core, this wheel has massive deep linear tread and a recessed hub with conical fastening. Your Rover will know no bounds. Suitable for four, six, even eight wheel rovers. Be adventurous, try a pair on, and see where you can go.


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MLCad File Rocky'sRevengeII
| .ldr | 20kb


Rocky's Revenge II
This wheel is a gumboot – It loves the wet. An optimized tread design allows for increased maneuverability, more accurate steering and mobility control without loosing any of the features of the original. Built over a very hefty solid core with a massive 8-wide tread design, a webbed hub allows for added traction when submersed or traveling through wet muddy ground. Hold you breath and give them a go.


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MLCad File YogiCub
| .ldr | 4kb


Yogi Cub
An adapted design of Joe Nagata. A simple solid wheel construction, with an exterior tread wrapping. A light wheel with great maneuverability and bite.


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MLCad File YogiScout
| .ldr | 35kb


Yogi Scout
Your all round street boot, designed specifically for urban (and social) environments this wheel offers a large, wide footprint without sacrificing mobility. A unique wheel construction allows for interchangeable tread profiles to suit every occasion. With 6 point fastening per spoke layer, this wheel is tailor made for urban exploration.


Download Code
MLCad File ArchimedesFlow
| .ldr | 55kb


Archimedes Flow
Ever get that that sinking feeling? The Archimedes wheel has a unique, interleaving spoke design which is mesmerizing to watch in action. A supper light, 6-stud wide wheel, the Archimedes performs best over loose rocky ground, Sand and light snow (and large piles of LEGO® ) – They just shred it up. The only thing these wheels won’t do is go slow. Available in funky ‘flex’ colours, and custom widths.


Download Code
MLCad File SkataBoy
| .ldr | 10kb


Skata Boy
A hard in-line wheel built for polished timber floors and smooth concrete half-pipes. Super low profile tread and massive rims ensures maximum expression – take them for a spin and have instant cred.


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