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    Rover Systems

Technology enables us to answer our scientific questions. Without the continual development of new technologies, our thirst for knowledge will go unfulfilled. Rover technologies enable us to explore distant planets in ways we never have before, resulting in high-resolution images, long-range surface mobility, and unique scientific discoveries.

Sojourner was a major milestone in the use of robotic rovers in planetary surface exploration, and now the newer MER represent the benchmark of rover technology


    Rover Engineers
    The Team of NASA Engineers responsible for the development of the Mars Exploration Rover's Mechanical and Mobility subsystems.

A functioning rover is a complex set of systems that operate together providing scientists the means and tools to explore remote, or inhospitable environments. Individual systems control the rover’s communications, mobility, navigation, power and scientific tools. Such systems are often integrated and specialized for a specific Rover mission. Typical systems found on a Rover are:

Mechanical, Thermal and Mobility System
Telecommunications System
Control and Navigation System
Power System
Scientific payload
Manipulation System
    To illustrate the variation, and diversity of each sub-system we can compare the various system implementations on the Rocky 7, Sojourner, and Mars Exploration Rovers.

   Rover Comparision
LEGO Rover Engineers
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