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The series of Rovers presented here are my attempts to model the functionality of Rover Systems as employed on the Sojourner and MER class of rover. Obviously not everything can be modeled in LEGO® , and the Mindstorm/Technic range has inherent limitations. However a quite functional and autonomous Rover can be built using standard, (and some custom) LEGO® components which exhibits the same mechanical and functional design characteristics as the original Rovers.



YogiBearThe chart below summarizes the key systems found in an exploration rover and their application in my 'Yogi' series of Rovers.







Mechanical, Thermal
and Mobility
Powered Wheels Yes Yes  
  Powered Steering Yes Yes  
  Insulated Electronics Box      
  Rocker-bogie Suspension   Yes  
Telecommunications Communications Yes - RCX Yes - RCX  
Control and Navigation Power and Control Electronics Yes - RCX Yes - RCX  
  Navigation Sensors   Yes - RCX  
  Rover Control Workstation      
Power Solar Array      
  Batteries Yes - RCX Yes - RCX  
Scientific Payload Sensors   Yes  
Manipulation Robotic Arm      
  Mast Assembly   Yes  
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